Disco Slide

The disco slide is a bronze-level compulsory ice dance that my sister Katy and I first sketched out on a napkin at Giordano's Pizzeria in Chicago. Its primary purpose is to bring a newer type of dance into the aging competitive and test compulsory dance structures with music that is identifiable by the new generation of skaters.

Below are the specifications and some videos of the disco slide. There is also a PDF of Disco Slide schematics (printable version).

Music:Disco (4/4)
Tempo:26 measures per minute; 104 beats per minute
Competition Introduction:32 beats, 18.5 seconds
Pattern Timing:1 = 23; 2 = 46; 3 = 1:09
Duration:Test: :46 plus introduction
Competition::46 plus introduction, about 1:05

The Disco Slide is designed to incorporate a novel sequence, slide steps and a lunge for both partners, in a dance featuring disco music from the 1980s.

The slide steps and lunge begin at step 9. There are three slide steps beginning with the left foot in front, followed by two counts in a lunge on the left foot, one count rising, and one count upright with the right leg extended behind.

The dance is skated primarily in kilian hold, with the lady turning into waltz hold on step 15, and the man turning into kilian on step 21. The couple skates backward in kilian hold until they step forward in step 23.

The music for this dance is taken from popular disco dances available in the 1980s. The music may be performed in public at rinks whose ASCAP license covers public performance of recorded music. The music may be downloaded (at no charge) from the following links:

Inventors: Katy Hill, Augie Hill, Liz Hill, Charlie Hill.
First Performed: Skokie Valley Dance Weekend, March 22, 2009, Wilmette, Illinois.

Disco Slide