Ice Partner Search

A tool for couples figure skaters that are looking for competitive partners. It allows a skater to add their biography to the database, edit that biography at any time, and add photos and videos to their biograpy. Any visitor is able to search the database either by name or by qualities they are looking for. Officially endorsed by U. S. Figure Skating, the governing body of figure skating in the United States.

Opened March 3, 2003, it gets more than 2 million page views per year. While it's currently free, it operated under a freemium pay model for its first six years of operation, and ended up being profitable after accounting for labor costs.

Built using PHP and a MySQL database. YouTube is used to store and disseminate the skater's videos. The audience is tracked using Google Analytics.

During the opening ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, the web site was given brief mention by Bob Costas.