This is a browser-based word game that I made to learn how to develop object-oriented javascript. Jotto is a game I used to play with my siblings as a child during long car trips. You try to guess the other players' secret 5-letter words. This version of Jotto is a single-player game.

Also designed for use on an iPhone as a web app and on Facebook as an application. Whether the site is being used from the browser, from an iPhone, or from Facebook, the underlying code is the same, but it's being interpretted diferently in each case.

Built using object-oriented Javascript, JSP on an Apache Tomcat web server and a MySQL database. Includes Java object caching to reduce the number of MySQL database calls. Uses a design from Open Source Web Design. Ajax interactivity based on an expanded version of Mini Ajax Library. The audience is tracked using Google Analytics. The site is available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.