Tranche Distributed Repository

The Tranche Distributed Repository is a free and open source file storage and dissemination tool that uses distributed replication to ensure the files remain available for a long time. Designed and built with scientists and researchers in mind, it attempts solves the data sharing problem for publication peer-review in a secure and scalable fashion.

Built with Java using several open source projects, including: Apache Commons Codec, Apache Commons Http Client, Apache Commons Logging, Apache Commons Net, and Bouncy Castle cryptography. I worked with a small team of developers to built upon the original design and implementation beginning in January, 2007 at the University of Michigan's proteomics research lab. My significant acheivements include adding batch functionality to the server-client interactions, revamping the download code for more consistent and speedy downloads, and pulling all network-specific variables out of the primary Tranche project to allow for quick setup of independent parallel repositories.